Adorable, cute, gorgeous, sweet, friendly …… just a few things you could call this little angel. At the age of 9 months Juané already has her own personality. I had the privilege of spending time with her in December and it definitely was an entertaining afternoon. I was disappointed when this shoot ended as I could have spent hours and hours with her, watching every single facial expression! To make it even more special she was dressed in her mom’s antique dresses which have been saved through generations! Her mom had a shoot in exactly the same ones when she was about the same age! How special! Enjoy!

2016-01-22_0002 2016-01-22_0003 2016-01-22_0004 2016-01-22_0005 2016-01-22_0006 2016-01-22_0007 2016-01-22_0008 2016-01-22_0009 2016-01-22_0010 2016-01-22_0011 2016-01-22_0012 2016-01-22_0013 2016-01-22_0014 2016-01-22_0015 2016-01-22_0016

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