Mikayla smash the cake shoot…. she is 1!



So, my granddaughter Mikayla turned 1. I just cannot believe how quickly time flew by. She has been the light in our lives this past year. We decided to do a “smash the cake” shoot and, oh boy, did she have a ball! She could not stop smiling and pointing and pointing and smiling. She absolutely loved digging into the icing and getting dirty (not to mention the sugar rush). However, before we left her digging we took a few “clean” pics too! We love you Mikayla! Thank you Colene Baker for the cake you baked with so much love, there was not much left of it! Enjoy 🙂

mikayla-1001 mikayla-1002 mikayla-1003 mikayla-1004 mikayla-1005 mikayla-1006 mikayla-1007 mikayla-1008 mikayla-1009 mikayla-1010 mikayla-1011 mikayla-1012 mikayla-1013 mikayla-1014 mikayla-1015 mikayla-1016 mikayla-1017 mikayla-1018 mikayla-1019 mikayla-1020 mikayla-1021 mikayla-1022 mikayla-1023 mikayla-1024 mikayla-1025 mikayla-1026 mikayla-1027 mikayla-1028 mikayla-1029 mikayla-1030 mikayla-1031 mikayla-1032 mikayla-1033 mikayla-1034 mikayla-1035 mikayla-1036 mikayla-1037 mikayla-1038 mikayla-1039 mikayla-1040 mikayla-1041 mikayla-1042 mikayla-1043 mikayla-1044 mikayla-1046 mikayla-1047 mikayla-1048 mikayla-1049 mikayla-1050 mikayla-1051 mikayla-1052 mikayla-1053 mikayla-1054 mikayla-1055 mikayla-1056 mikayla-1057 mikayla-1058 mikayla-1060 mikayla-1061 mikayla-1062

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