Mikayla’s 6 month shoot…



Oh my word, I just cannot believe how quickly time has gone by! My granddaughter, Mikayla, turned 6 months old middle May! It felt like just yesterday when we first met her. She has been our pride and joy these past 6 months and to celebrate this milestone we drove out to our dear friends’ property in Hekpoort to take a few pictures. The weather was perfect, Mikayla was her charming self, but what made this shoot so special was our friend’s Border Collie, Dexter, who immediately took a liking in Mikayla and decided he had to play model and had to protect her all the way. To watch the interaction between the two of them was amazing. Even when Mikayla reached out to him and he gently put his paw on her arm, as if he was greeting her, she did not blink, she loved him. Thank you Chris & Sonja for your hospitality and allowing us to use your property for this shoot! Oh and thank you Dexter for being the sweetest dog ever! Mikayla, Grandma loves you! xxxx

2016-05-30_0001 2016-05-30_0002 2016-05-30_0003 2016-05-30_0004 2016-05-30_0005 2016-05-30_0006 2016-05-30_0007 2016-05-30_0008 2016-05-30_0009 2016-05-30_0010 2016-05-30_0011 2016-05-30_0012 2016-05-30_0013 2016-05-30_0015 2016-05-30_0016 2016-05-30_0017 2016-05-30_0018 2016-05-30_0019 2016-05-30_0020 2016-05-30_0021 2016-05-30_0022 2016-05-30_0023

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