Henry & Esmiralda pre-wedding shoot…

2014-02-09_0005.jpg   We had so much fun during Henry & Esmiralda’s pre-wedding shoot that I cannot wait for their wedding in a couple of weeks to capture their special moments! Both Henry and Esmiralda were so relaxed and natural even though everything around us were soaking wet after the previous night’s rain. After all the rain we had lately, the possibility of thunderstorms in the afternoon and Henry’s shifts at work, we decided to do this shoot early morning rather than later. The colours in the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens at Emmerentia Dam were so bright and the air fresh and clean, just the kind of setting for a picnic! Most of the shoot had a picnic theme which suited this stunning couple perfectly. Even though the sun decided not to join us for their picnic it was still a lot of fun. Henry absolutely love roses and we had to sneak in a few shots with these beautiful flowers, which is the symbol of romance! 2014-02-09_0001.jpg 2014-02-09_0002.jpg 2014-02-09_0003.jpg 2014-02-09_0004.jpg 2014-02-09_0006.jpg 2014-02-09_0007.jpg 2014-02-09_0008.jpg 2014-02-09_0009.jpg 2014-02-09_0010.jpg 2014-02-09_0011.jpg 2014-02-09_0012.jpg 2014-02-09_0013.jpg 2014-02-09_0014.jpg 2014-02-09_0015.jpg 2014-02-09_0016.jpg 2014-02-09_0017.jpg 2014-02-09_0018.jpg 2014-02-09_0019.jpg 2014-02-09_0020.jpg 2014-02-09_0021.jpg 2014-02-09_0022.jpg 2014-02-09_0023.jpg 2014-02-09_0024.jpg 2014-02-09_0025.jpg 2014-02-09_0026.jpg 2014-02-09_0027.jpg 2014-02-09_0028.jpg 2014-02-09_0029.jpg 2014-02-09_0030.jpg 2014-02-09_0031.jpg 2014-02-09_0032.jpg 2014-02-09_0033.jpg 2014-02-09_0034.jpg 2014-02-09_0035.jpg

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2 Responses to Henry & Esmiralda pre-wedding shoot…

  1. CHRISSIE says:

    Rozette, jou fotografie is absoluut wonderlik en baie baie professioneel gedoen.. Ek kan nie wag om die eindresultate te sien vir die troue nie…. Uitstekende fotografie!!

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